‘You Like That’ Girl Is A Viral Sensation After Rubbing On Cop [UPDATE]

You Like That Girl arrested and rubs up on cop during arrest / via Twitter

‘You Like That’ Girl has to be the biggest story of the weekend thanks to her rubbing on a cop as she’s being arrested and moaning about “you like that” while ass-aulting the cop while he seems to be calling for backup. There has yet to be a full confirmation, but many people are saying this ass-ault went down in Tuscaloosa where the Tide was playing Tennessee late Saturday night.

What appears to be the original version of the video uploaded to Facebook Sunday afternoon now has 3.7 million views as people can’t get enough of ‘You Like That’ Girl. There’s word on Reddit that this is out front of the Waffle House on the Strip in Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa Alabama Waffle House ‘You Like That’ girl video / via Google Streetview

Someone out there should be able to help me fill in some blanks here with this one. Pretty sure this one will break wide open by the end of the day. Let’s get on it, team.

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Of course the fun police came out thanks to ‘You Like That’ Girl doing work:

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