Meet Kayla DeLancey – Gamer Instagram Model

Kayla DeLancey seems to fully understand what I’ve been saying over the last several years to the Instagram models out there who are grinding along without a portfolio that differentiates them from the other IG pretenders. Kayla went out and did just that. She has the whole beach/mountains/bedroom/Greece shots down to a science, but there’s also the cosplay thing going on and the gamer — put the headphones on and you set off all the guys — shots that 100% take her to the next level in this Instagram game.

At 214k followers over 1,200 posts, Kayla has her IG humming right along, but the real money to be made is over on Twitch where she can advertise gamer chairs, her posters, skins, etc. Money for days over there. And I don’t blame her a bit for playing video games and making cash off of it. If I’m going to sit there and show guys how to play a game, damn right I’m going to want money in return. Where does Kayla take all of this? What’s the next step? I have to think autograph signings at conventions, speaking tours, gaming tours, meet & greets.

I see Kayla has added in Miller Lite and White Claw photos. I’m wondering if there isn’t a deal in the works there. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for the liquor companies. Hook up with a gamer chick, throw her 100 cases of Claw and see what happens.

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