Looks Like Eagles & Cowboys Fans Got In A Bloody Fight

Bloody Cowboys fan appears to have been in a fight with Eagles fan / via Twitter

What happens when Eagles and Cowboys fans get together for Sunday Night Football? Of course an old fashioned bloody fight down in Jerry’s World where you have to hope Cowboys fan didn’t get any blood on his Buckle jeans. How many pops did that Cowboys fan have? The guy can barely stand and doesn’t even appear to have interest in blasting Wentz fan on the ground.

There has to be a full story here we’re not hearing because I’m not even sure Wentz fan looks like the kind of Eagles fan who could do that to Cowboys fan’s face. That Eagles fan looks like he was caught up in some crossfire. Someone let me know what went down in the upper deck last night.

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Bloody Cowboys fan tries to go after Eagles fan:

It’s always interesting when these two get together:



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