Samantha Thinks She Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating

Samantha catches her boyfriend cheating but he’s just eating a bowl of noodles / via Twitter

Samantha, who goes by @sammiej5499, is having herself a big 24-hour period over on Twitter where she posted a video where she allegedly catches her boyfriend cheating on her with, as it turns out, his ex-girlfriend before he got together with Samantha. As you can see in the video, Samantha walks into the apartment she shares with the boyfriend and there’s the ex on a couch covered up in an Eagles blanket while the boyfriend slurps on a bowl of noodles.

He never says a word, but the ex-girlfriend wants to know, “How’d you know I was here?” Samantha, it seems, has had a feeling the boyfriend’s been a low down dirty dog because she starts off the Catch A Cheater video with “finally.” As someone said on one of a million responses she’s received, “That calmness both of you had, made me think you have been roomates for a long time. And you ate too lazy to redefine it as such.”

Look, let me analyze this for a minute and I’ll be fair and balanced here. No bullshittting going on from me:

• Noodle Guy didn’t care if he was caught. He’s definitely way too calm to be feeling bad about the situation. Somewhere Samantha mentions she’s 20 and they’ve been dating two years. Something tells me Noodle Guy got trapped in a relationship, signed lease papers and then came to the realization that he’d totally fucced up and was way too young to be in this situation.

• That led Noodle Guy to lead a reckless life on purpose. He’d rather get caught than stay in this relationship. He’s ready to move on, but Samantha is out here thinking she can save him. It’s a lost cause, Sam. Just look at how he slurps those noodles in front of an ex he wants to bang. RECKLESS.

• He wants to game, watch TV, slurp noodles and bang. That’s it.

• This is why I’m suggesting Noodle Guy either buys his way out of the lease or these two just become roommates and Samantha starts bringing guys over and banging them on the couch. Girl needs to lay that scent down, reclaim her territory.

• Noodle Guy would much rather stay in the spare bedroom, do his thing and throw Samantha back in the pond when that lease anniversary is up, but she has to let it go here. Noodle Guy cannot be saved.

Samantha…he’s trying to tell you to let him go, let the caged animal go back to slaying on the open market:

This is just so he doesn’t have to hear you yell at him for the next six months or so until the lease is up. He’s trying to smooth it over, but he doesn’t mean it:

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