Florida Woman Rips Off Old Man She Met At Strip Club While Dancing, Cops Allege

Dancer Chalsey O’Brien arrested for stealing $38,000 from elderly man / via Volusia County Sheriff’s Department

Florida Woman stripper Chalsey O’Brien, 27, is in big trouble for how she allegedly treated an elderly customer of hers that somehow let her move into his house and that led, cops say, to O’Brien stealing more than $38,000 from the old timer. You’d be shocked by this happening in 49 other states, but this is Florida and I didn’t even flinch at the storyline here. I did, however, stop in my tracks when I saw Chalsey’s face. Damn girl.

From ClickOrlando.com:

An exotic dancer moved in with an elderly man she met while working then stole more than $38,000 from him, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Investigators said one of the man’s family members contacted them in May to report the exploitation.

Chalsey O’Brien, 27, was found to have moved into the man’s Volusia County home in 2018 after meeting him at the club where she worked, a news release said. Between September 2018 and May, she withdrew $38,448.80 in cash from the man’s checking account and made unauthorized transfers, according to authorities.

I need to know how old we’re talking here. The guy is definitely over 65 because she’s facing a charge of ripping off someone of Medicare age. It’s weird to think my dad is a year away from being this old and having scabbed strippers possibly eyeballing him down in the Naples area. Very strange.

Something tells me Chalsey’s not the kind of girl you want to bring home to meet your grandkids. A Google search for her name turns up a 2014 prostitution arrest during Bike Week in Daytona. She’s been on those streets for a few years and finally found a home, but Chalsey just couldn’t help herself when it came to the old guy’s money. It’s a shame because you have to figure he would’ve introduced her to the family during the holidays.

Anyway, I went and checked for Chalsey’s social media to see what’s going on and here’s what I found:

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