Meet Daniella Rodriguez – Carlos Correa’s Girlfriend

Carols Correa’s girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez has a giant engagement rock on her finger that will be getting an adjoining wedding ring on December 7when these two get married in the Dominican Republic, but before they can tie the knot, Correa and the Astros are trying to pick up their second World Series title in three years. Daniella, Miss Texas USA ‘16, got hooked up with Correa after first pitch duties at an Astros game way back in 2016, according to their wedding website.

“Carlos Correa shortstop for the Astros was in the dugout as he watched her throw the imperfection first pitch. After meeting for dinner and breakfast they knew they had found their soulmates,” the site says. What a love story. Don’t get many like this these days. It gets even better. Carlos famously (to Astros fans) proposed to Daniella after the Astros won the World Series in 2017.

These two are about to have the craziest four months or so of their lives. The playoffs, then the wedding, a honeymoon, then Correa becomes arbitration eligible. That’s right, this couple’s about to get PAID. Carlos was paid just $5,000,000 this season.

But first, the Yankees. Game 4 tonight in the Bronx with the Stros leading the series 2-1.

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