Kentucky Superfan’s PT Cruiser Being Sold By Bank After He Goes To Nursing Home

Kentucky superfan Henry Miller’s UK PT Cruiser being sold by bank after he goes into nursing home / via Lincoln National Bank

News of Kentucky basketball superfan Henry Miller’s cherished Kentucky PT Cruiser being sold by Lincoln National Bank has spread across the state and through the Wildcat basketball community like a wildfire over the last 24 hours since the bank posted the car for sale on Facebook. Miller, who is well known throughout the Kentucky basketball community, has gone into a nursing home and is now a ward of the state, which has led to his possessions being sold off, including the PT Cruiser according to family and a GoFundMe that’s been created to buy back the car for his family to keep in its possession.

The GoFundMe for Mr. Henry’s PT Cruiser is up to $321 of the $3,495 needed goal as word is now starting to trickle out that fans are trying to buy the car. Here are more details on Mr. Henry and the situation from the GoFundMe:

As most of you all know Henry was recently placed in a nursing facility and since then been awarded to the state. Therefore he can’t have nothing in his name and everything must be sold. When you are a ward of the state, the state takes over all your personal affairs and anything you have in your name is liquidated to pay for your care in whatever facility you are in. State has put his vehicle up for sale and soon all his UK memorabilia will be sold at some point. He has no idea it’s being sold.

His car was his life. His family works hard to make ends meets therefore not able to buy the car. In which they love to keep in their family for Henry but not able to finance wise. Lets get his car back to his family and all other money raised afterwards go towards keeping some of his personal collection and caring for him which is coming from his niece funds. Kentucky fans is like family and wanted to each out to each and everyone of you all. If just 1 fan could donate $1 we could accomplish this as a team. Let’s see that we get his car back and most of all let’s keep Henry in our prayers. GO CATS

Miller once told a newspaper reporter, “I love blue and white; I’ve always liked blue and white. But since I’m a UK fan, I love it even more now. Blue and white are my favorite colors. I used to wear pink, but people told me it was a Louisville color. I didn’t want any part of Louisville.”

As for those who will think that Miller missed a payment and the car was repossessed, that’s not the case at all. The PT Cruiser was given to Miller. As a ward of the state, his possessions are being sold off to help offset nursing home costs to the state. Basic business here.

Only issue here is that Henry’s never going to drive the car even if UK fans buy it back. Lincoln National Bank says the school hasn’t gotten back to them on if they want it, so this comes down to the fans figuring out if there’s something they can do with the car via the GoFundMe.

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