‘Free Hong Kong’ Signs Get Fans Kicked Out Of 76ers Game

Fans hold Free Hong Kong signs at 76ers game, fans were kicked out / via @Christie_Ileto

‘Free Hong Kong’ signs led to 76ers fan Sam Wachs and his wife getting kicked out of a preseason game against the Guangzhou Loong Lions from the Chinese Basketball Association. The game was played in Philadelphia. At least one reporter says that Wachs was “yelling ‘Free Hong Kong'” before being ejected by Wells Fargo Arena security.

Wachs told NBC-10:

As they were sitting, Wachs said security confiscated their signs. He then said they were kicked out of the game during the second quarter by security after they yelled, “Free Hong Kong.”

“We were saying, ‘Free Hong Kong,’’ Wachs told NBC10. “What’s wrong with that?”

NBC10 reached out to the 76ers for comment but the organization has not responded.

Here’s the Wells Fargo Arena sign policy:

Wells Fargo 76ers sign policy / via WellsFargoPhilly.com

I’m looking over the arena rules page and can’t seem to find anything against yelling ‘Free Hong Kong.’ Of course arena staff is going to say they have the right to eject fans at any time for any reason. And of course they’re going to make up some lame excuse that Wachs and his wife were disrupting the experience for other fans.


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