Charlise Springer Is Back For An Astros Playoff Run

George Springer’s wife Charlise Springer made her BC debut way back in 2017 when she and Springer were just dating and she had not become a full fledged member of the Astros wives club, but here we are in 2019, the Astros are up 2-1 on the Yankees and Game 4 is tonight in the Bronx. That year Charlise burst on the scene as the Stros won the World Series and the team’s girlfriends and wives became one of the most recognized in the league thanks to the arrival of Kate Upton via trade from the Tigers.

Now a couple years later Charlise is right there in the middle of the wife action, a great spot to be and a level where all the girlfriends are hoping to get called up to in the near future. She’s right there with Kate Views and Gerrit Cole’s wife, Amy. One of the crew. But Charlise isn’t just out here being a baseball wife. Her instagram bio states that she’s a trainer and strength coach at Houston gym called Sweat 1000. She played college softball at the University of Albany.

Meanwhile, George just had a monster 39/96/.292 season, made another all-star team and is due to hit the absolute motherlode this offseason when he becomes arbitration eligible. Back up the Brinks, this guy’s about to get paid and I’m not even some baseball expert these days.

Astros Fan Arrested For Hitting Yankees Fan During ALCS
Astros Fan Arrested For Hitting Yankees Fan During ALCS
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