Astros Fan Arrested For Hitting Yankees Fan During ALCS

Astros fan arrested for hitting Yankees fan at Minute Maid Park : via Harris County District Attorney’s Office

Astros fan James Warren Dinkins was arrested for slapping a Yankees fan during an ALCS game at Minute Maid Park and Dinkins just happens to be a former justice of the peace. Who would’ve thought a guy like James would be hitting a Yankees fan during a big game. It gets better…James was on probation back in 2013-14 for fraud related to “$120,000 in disaster relief funds in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.”

From the Houston Chronicle:

James Warren Dinkins, a former justice of the peace in Montgomery County, is accused of slapping the opposing fan in the back of the head after an argument in their seats at Minute Maid Park, according to court records.

The man chastised the Yankees fan behind him when he clapped at an Astros player striking out in the eighth inning of the ALCS game, said Lea Menchaca, who said she witnessed the altercation in Section 105.

The former magistrate berated the young man for cheering, Menchaca said, and he apologized. As the fan spoke to his mother, grasping what had occurred, Dinkins turned around and slapped the man several times in a row, Menchaca said.

It’s always good when the guys who respect the game slap young guys who are there trying to enjoy the game and build memories that will carry them into old age when they can go to games and be nice to the younger generation. Hats off to James for acting like an adult at a baseball game. By the way, the Astros have surveillance video of the incident. Can’t wait to get my hands on that.

Let’s check in with James’s Facebook page:

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