Ohio Pee Wee Football Coach Arrested After Fight At Game

Ohio pee wee football coaches fight after a game in Licking County, one coach was arrested / via Licking County Sheriff’s Office

Ohio Man Christopher Deason, 37, was arrested for his part in a fight after a pee wee football game in Hanover Ohio, according to the Licking County Sheriff’s Office who was called to handle the situation that erupted at the end of an 11 & 12 year olds game that ended with one group of kids pushing the other team and then all hell broke loose. Cops say a referee was assaulted by Deason and that led to charges.

The really good news is that BC had eyes and ears on the sidelines taking it all in. Here’s an eyewitness account from BC follower Trevor:

My nephew’s game last night. Licking Valley vs. Watkins Memorial 11-12 year olds, in Hanover, Ohio. Valley is in red (my nephew’s team). Watkins is in yellow. Final score was 8-0. Footnote: Before this happened Watkins had been given essentially a fifth down because my nephew picked off a deep pass on Watkins’ fourth down. He went to his knees with the INT and then got stripped on the ground where the ball was picked up and ran into the endzone by Watkins. Referees didn’t know what to call so they gave Watkins the ball back with like 2 seconds left on the clock. Valley shut the second Hail Mary down and the shoving happened right after Valley’s victory formation. Things were heated to say the least.

From the Licking County Sheriff’s Office:

The sheriff said a referee who stepped in and broke it up was then physically confronted by 37-year-old Christopher Deason, who is a coach for Watkins area team.

This is where I remind Ohioans that the state is facing a referee shortage and things like this aren’t going to make things better. Clean it up or you’ll either pay more money to get refs or you won’t have pee wee football without sheriff protection for the zebras. Chris pleaded not guilty today and was “ordered him to no longer coach youth football until his case is completed.”


Football coach Christopher Deason arrested for fight at pee wee football game in Ohio / via Licking County Sherrif’s Office

You really hate to see a guy who’s done a few things in life risk it all over a pee wee football game. C’mon Chris, issue a public apology, let’s put this to bed:

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