49ers-Cowboys Fan Fight Breaks Out At California Buffalo Wild Wings

Cowboys-49ers fan fight broke out at a Cerritos, California Buffalo Wild Wings / via Facebook

A Cowboys & 49ers fan fight broke out Sunday at a Cerritos, California Buffalo Wild Wings and reports out of the restaurant are that 49ers fans started a melee that included one 49ers fan taking what sounds like a glass off the head as spectators looked on in horror as their day at BDubs took a wild turn.

“Some stupid ass 49ers fan got Into a group of cowboys fans talking [shiit]. Honestly we were all minding our own business the guy who got his ass kicked was obnoxiously drunk the whole time we were there…,” according to videographer Clare Joyce Esguerra.

As you can see in the beautifully shot video — this one is going to explode for Clare, heading to 1mm views easy — Big Boy Cowboys fan isn’t in the mood for 49ers fan to ruin his boneless wings run and starts clearing bodies. You can see Biggun landing some kicks and punches on 49ers fan who is eating some floor. Watch as the guy Biggun was bodying makes it to his feet and wants more of Cowboys fans. That’s when things get real fun and someone throws a glass.

BOOOM — THAT HAD TO BE A PINT GLASS, RIGHT? Excellent aim to launch it off 49ers fan’s head and not hurt any innocent bystanders. I’m trying to tell when this all went down, if it was at the end of the late games when Niners fans were celebrating their ownership of the Coliseum and the Cowboys two-point conversion failed. That was probably the right fuel to turn into fight night at BWW.

Watch 49ers and Cowboys fans fight video from Buffalo Wild Wings in Cerritos, California:

Cerritos, California Buffalo Wild Wings fight

Jose was there:

Police were called to the fight at the Cerritos Buffalo Wild Wings:

Police called to fight at Cerritos Buffalo Wild Wings / via CitizenApp
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