Possibly Drunk Dolphins Fan Yells Insults At Bang Bros Girls

Possibly drunk Dolphins fan yells at BangBros girls at Redskins-Dolphins game / via Instagram

The Bang Bros brought the Bang Bus to the Redskins-Dolphins game and everything outside at the tailgate seemed to go great with fans of both teams getting along just fine. Then, for some reason, things got heated inside Hard Rock Stadium when a possibly drunk Dolphins fan started yelling at the Bang Bros girls and some guy with the Bang Bros girls.

What the f**k, bro? What’s your problem tough guy? I hear you hurling f-bombs while wearing jorts. “Your girl’s a f**king whore,” tough guy Dolphins fan says. Yeah, real tough guy move here. Drink another $13 beer loser.

Notice which side the Redskins fans are on in this battle. Of course they point him out to security. Takes a real idiot to get made at the Bang Bus girls during a game, especially at the Suck Bowl.

From the guy who shot the video:

So the #miamidolphins score a TD, and this #drunk guy goes off on the #porn #girls from @theofficialbangbros !


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