Passed Out Browns Fan Epitomizes The Browns Right Now

Passed out Browns fan takes a nap with the birds after loss to Seahawks / via Twitter

This video of passed out Browns fan in the parking lot after the Seahawks game was sent into the DMs this afternoon without context. Didn’t need it, especially when your team is now 2-4, headed into a bye and then get the Patriots in New England and the quarterback keeps throwing behind guys and he’s limping around out there. It’s all falling apart at the seams for Browns fans and all you can really do right now is sleep while the birds enjoy some bread or peanuts — can’t really tell what his friends threw on him — and hope like hell the Ravens don’t get too far in front of the AFC North before December rolls around for the Browns.

Let’s say the Browns lose in New England, go 2-5 and head to Denver. That is pretty much a must-win scenario for Freddie Kitchens. You lose to the Broncos and get to 2-6 and it has to be all over. At this point it appears the Browns aren’t capable of sweeping the Steelers even if it’s against the third string quarterback. I don’t even trust the Browns at home against the Bills in November. It’s really starting to look really sad for this team that had so much promise.

The Browns are now 0-3 at home. Unreal.

How mad are Browns fans at Freddie Kitchens and this team? Go to the comments on this one:

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