New Jersey Man Calls Farmers To See If He Can Bang Their Cows & Horses, Gets Denied, Things Escalate

New Jersey man Richard Decker wanted to have sex with farm animals but was denied

New Jersey man Richard Decker wanted to have sex with farm animals but was denied / via Sussex County Sheriff’s Office

New Jersey Man Richard Decker is in trouble for what happened (allegedly) after he was denied sex with cows and horses by local farmers who told Decker he couldn’t bang their animals. Cops say that’s when things escalated to the point where tire delation devices were (allegedly) used by Decker against the farmers and there might’ve been some cyber harassment.

From the New Jersey Herald:

Beginning in August 2018, Decker would contact Sussex County farms, horse stables and horse boarding facilities via email or by letter requesting to have a sexual relationship with their animals specifically their cows and/or horses, according to Czykier.

When Decker was rejected, Czykier said, he would leave harassing messages with the property owners, leave negative reviews of the facility online and leave handmade metal tire deflation devices on the property, specifically in the driveway. Many vehicles have been damaged due to the spikes, Czykier said.

One person says his family had six flat tires in a month. Cops went to where Decker lives and found some stuff, including some powder used in explosives. I feel like I’ve been over this dozens and dozens of times over the years — there are states where bestiality is still legal. The states and territories in green are states where Decker could legally go bang cows and horses.

Bro, there have to be farms in DC and West Virginia where you could go blow a nut and not cause all these legal problems for yourself. Put a listing on Craigslist or something bro. No need to be out there harassing these farmers who don’t want trouble from you.

Bestiality laws in the United States

Bestiality laws in the United States / via Wiki

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