Johnny Manziel Signed Dollars In College Station Ahead Of Bama Weekend

Johnny Manziel autographed dollar bills ahead of the Alabama game / via IG Story/gabby_villard

Not going to lie, wish I had Johnny Manziel autographed dollar bills in my memorabilia collection to go along with the Darren Rovell card and all my wedding gift thank you notes. Johnny Manziel is back in College Station this week — at least on Thursday — for an autograph sesh at Aggieland Outfitters where the A&M fans stood in line to get a variety of items signed and get that all important digital content for the social media accounts.

Gabby and her friend got money signed. Johnny held a baby and a toddler, both weren’t alive the last time Johnny played on Kyle Field and pumped so many millions into the athletic department while he wasn’t allowed to make a dime signing autographs. Of course you remember that period of college football history where Rovell was scouring eBay looking for people selling Johnny autographs.

Now Johnny’s quietly going about life — I do searches about every 3-4 months and it has been barren — and I assume waiting to see if the XFL will be an opportunity for him after a short life in the AAF. He wasn’t on the first list of players in the XFL Draft pool. Maybe the league is waiting to unleash a massive PR campaign and reveal that Johnny is available to be drafted.

Meanwhile, it’s Bama weekend and I’m immediately transported back to November 10, 2012 when Manziel went into Tuscaloosa as a freshman and stole the hearts and minds of college football with a performance for the ages and a 29-24 victory to officially launch Johnny Football.

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