Maddy Belle Doesn’t Want Miami Cop To Get In Trouble For Instagram Video Help

Instagram model Maddy Belle says she doesn’t want the Miami Beach cop William Beeker who helped with a video this week to get in trouble for his role in the Bad Girls Club lingerie video that is now up to like 4.5 million views across three accounts and features her friends Francia James and Miss Julianne. The Miami Beach city manager is acting all outraged over the videos while people on the Internet are going about their lives. We’re talking about Miami Beach where women are barely clothed 7 days a week and this city manager guy Jimmy Morales is acting like Mr. Beeker is the devil.

All the cop did is act like he was walking the ladies into the local police precinct. Harmless stuff, but in 2019 a politician has to act outraged.

From Local10 :

Belle said having Beeker in their video happened by accident.

“We were just doing our own skit, just the three of us, and he came out of the blue and was checking on us at first. And we asked him, ‘Hey, you want to be a part of our video?'” Belle recalled.

She said Beeker agreed to play along, and that the skit took just minutes to shoot.

Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales called the videos “highly offensive.”

Belle said she feels differently.

“It shouldn’t put him in a bad light. Yes, we were dressed a little provocative, in lingerie. But it was supposed to be funny. Like, ‘Ha ha, look at these girls,'” she said. “Him being in it just made it that much funnier for us.”

Here’s the part that I hate to hear — the cop has been put on paid leave. Such a joke. These moral rollers make me absolutely sick with how they act like they’re sticking up for society. They’re just out here making things worse. The video is like 10-seconds (IG still won’t let us see how long these are or pause/rewind). GTFOH Jimmy Morales. Let’s see your search history buddy.

Here is the video featuring Maddy Belle, Francia James and Miss Julianne. These are Instagram professionals at work here:

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