Arkansas Woman Claims Her Brother Fed Her A Meth Sandwich & Might’ve Meth’d With Her Drink

Arkansas brother sister meth sandwich case

Arkansas brother sister meth sandwich case / via Hot Spring Police Department

Elizabeth Marie Catlett, 29, claimed to police if she “pops hot” it was because her brother fed her a meth sandwich and that triggered the popping hot. Folks, welcome to Arkansas in the year 2019 where people are so doped out of their damn minds that they think people are feeding them sandwiches with meth mayo or something like that. Liz is like, ‘Hey, we pulled over at a rest stop to make sammiches and Don said he would make me one while I took a squat out behind the tree line.’ 

Meanwhile, we have Don over here incapable of looking us in the eye. Then I go over on Don’s Facebook page and I think you know what I found. The prototypical fare for these morons: conspiracy memes, political meme after political meme with a side of Jesus thrown in for good measure.

From KATV:

According to a probable cause affidavit, the officer could smell marijuana. He said that the driver, 29-year-old Elizabeth Marie Catlett of Hot Springs was “moving about the vehicle in a quick, nervous manner.”

She told the officer there were no drugs in the vehicle.

Her brother, 33-year-old Don Russell Furr of Lonsdale, was in the passenger seat.

Furr admitted to police that he had used meth with Catlett the day before prior to going to see Catlett’s brother in the hospital.

At the Garland County Detention Center, Catlett submitted to a field sobriety test, which she did not pass. She refused to submit to a chemical test.

As Catlett was being read her Miranda Rights, she told police that if she “pops hot” it was because her brother fed her a sandwich that contained methamphetamine.

Just some real Arkansas shitt going down this week. Now what would you do if you ran the court? Throw these idiots in jail for a couple months? Throw them back on the streets where they’re still addicts? God really put us in a horrible situation with these drug addicts. Can’t figure out why God didn’t just create like a couple hundred addicts so he could then save them and we’d have just enough material to show the non-believers that miracles were possible. God needs to start saving at a faster pace because these idiots are out here reproducing — or trying — and making meth sandwiches.

God, how about you get your shitt together. You’re like Michigan while Ohio State is the devil. Just running all over your ass.

You have to read the comments on Don’s Facebook post that someone threw up for him while he’s in jail:

Here’s Don Furr during simpler times, probably before the meth:

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