Kids Hockey Team Reportedly Suspended For Entire Season For Taking Dumps & Peeing In Opponent’s Bags

Long Island hockey team’s season reportedly suspended for peeing & taking dumps in opponent’s bags / via Facebook

There is a story brewing involving a youth hockey team called the Long Island Gulls and how the Gulls (under-14) are accused of taking dumps and peeing on opposing teams bags in their locker room. The story has been making the rounds on Facebook youth hockey group pages since around mid-September, but now things are really starting to heat up as people are trying to figure out if in fact the Gulls have been kicked out of the AYHL for the season.

The story from Tom Barbieri goes something like this:

So, today my older son was supposed to play a hockey game against the Long Island Gulls. Both teams are 2005’s – 14 years old tier one in the AYHL.

The Long Island Gulls had to forfeit the game today because 10 of their players were suspended for the entire season for an incident last week where 5 players went and **** and pissed in the opposing teams bags in their locker room. It was later determined that the entire team would be suspended for the 2019-20 season.

During the investigation, it was discovered that six sets of parents ‘encouraged’ this due to the team needing to “make statement about who they’re dealing with”. The coach of this team is just back after serving a two year suspension for assaulting an official.

I’ve checked the Gulls Instagram, Facebook and website and can’t find a denial that this incident took place.

What I’ve learned from an hour or so of digging through message boards and official websites of youth hockey is that it seems like the wild west of sports with parents throwing out accusations — wild accusations — and then usually followed with “well, I heard,” and on and on. Look, the one thing I can’t find is anyone saying this story about what went down in the locker room is 100% false.

I’m all ears if someone out there wants to vent on the topic of the Gulls taking dumps in bags. Let’s get this out there. Were parents behaving badly and encouraging it? or slide into the DMs on social


Update: Here is the official Long Island Gulls suspension ruling:

Long Island Gulls suspension ruling / via YouthSportsInfo

Long Island Gulls suspension story told by someone who claims to know exactly what happened:

Long Island Gulls message board alleged facts / via
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