200-300 Person Rager Breaks Out At What Appears To Be J.R. Smith’s Old Cleveland Rental House

Bay Village, Ohio rap video AirBnB house rental / via Zillow

According to NE Ohio Scanner, a rap video rager went down this weekend at a house in Bay Village, Ohio that apparently used to be rented by none other than J.R. Smith when he was a member of the Cavs. Cleveland i-Team reports are that the nearly 10,000 sq. ft. house is available on AirBnB and was turned into a 200-300 person party that included people smoking weed in neighbors yards and numerous cops trying to shut down the party that didn’t clear out until 1 p.m. Sunday.

Initial reports of the party came into the scanner at just after midnight. So if you’re keeping track at home…it took over 12 hours to clear out all people associated with the rap video rager at the rental. Looks like I might have to contact Bay Village to get police reports on this one because it sounds like one of those legendary moments that deserves further investigation since it’s not showing up on the Cleveland news.

As for the house, I’ve analyzed several JR Smith house photos on Instagram and it sure looks like where he lived back in the day. This place is going to be the most famous rental on the west side of Cleveland. The place was listed as a rental for $15,500 back in September. Here’s the listing on Airbnb. $1,300 per night.

Have video(s) from inside the Bay Village rap video party? Let’s see how great it was. 

[email protected] or slide into the DMs

I’ve been able to obtain scanner traffic from the night of the Bay Village Mansion Party and you can hear the cop mention a rap video being filmed and people brought a bunch of money with them.

Bay Village Mansion Party homeowner, actress Stephanie Garvin, says it was a break-in:

Bay Village mansion homeowner says it was a break in / via Facebook



Bay Village Ohio AirBnB party / via Facebook More Bay Village party details / via Facebook Inside Bay Village AirBnb party house / via Zillow

Looks like Ash found a great spot to get content out of the party house…the pool table!


Bay Village Mansion Party Content!

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