Louisville Weather Guy Jude Redfield’s Fire Extinguisher Explodes

Fire extinguisher explodes on Louisville weather man Jude Redfield / via Twitter

Jude Redfield, the notorious weather guy at WDRB in Louisville, was up to his ways this morning as he told viewers about the heat that has overtaken the viewing area and has the locals sweating in October. Jude pulled out his fire extinguisher and tried to freeze those temps, but instead nearly shot off his dicc in the process. I’m not an expert on fire extinguishers, but it sure looks like a part off that extinguisher rocketed past Jude’s dicc region. Maybe someone reading can confirm how these things work.

From WDRB:

Early Friday morning WDRB Meteorologist Jude Redfield was trying to use a fire extinguisher as a metaphor for the cold front that ended the recent record heat wave.

Jude was not hurt.

Only a button from his suit jacket got blown off.

Jude has a history of making headlines like the time Samoa Joe showed up for the weather:

This is also the station that came up with Motorboat Monday:

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