Dolphins Beer Vendor Charges Customer $724 For Two Beers, Gets Arrested

Dolphins beer vendor charges $724 for two beers at game / via Local 10

A Miami Dolphins beer vendor was arrested for charging a customer $724 for two beers at Sunday’s Chargers game. Police say Florida Man Nathaniel Collier, 33, had himself a skimming device and probably figured if you’re buying beers at a worthless Dolphins game, you wouldn’t realize a $724 charge for two beers because you’d be too drunk or coked out of your mind.

Ahh, but what Collier didn’t take into consideration was the bank theft team watching for massive fraudulent charges for a couple of brews.

From Local 10:

According to an arrest affidavit, the victim ordered two beers from Collier during Miami’s 30-10 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers and gave him his credit card to pay for them. But police said Collier used his personal card reader to charge the victim $724.

The victim was notified of the charge by his bank a short time later.

Collier was taken into custody without incident. Police said he had a Square credit card reader in his possession.

Nathaniel just got too greedy here because if he would’ve just thrown $124 on that card there’s a great chance that gets through the fraud detection since it’s like $14 for a beer at these games and it would look like the customer bought a round and threw on a tip. Can’t be this dumb, Collier. If you’re going to fraud, you gotta have your head in the game.

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