Scarletts Dancers Pole Dancing At Dolphins Tailgate Still Better Than The Game

Adult dancers from Scarletts were pole dancing at Dolphins tailgate / via Instagram

The Scarletts dancers were back on the pole today outside Hard Rock Stadium before the Dolphins took another L and the ladies gave way more effort at their craft than the football team who lost 30-10 to the Chargers. The Scarletts dancers are really shining this year as fans try to find a reason to attend a Dolphins game. Meanwhile, the real action seems to be in the parking lot where there’s acrobatics and all sorts of strip club antics going on.

You have to respect ‘baldf*ckingbarbie’ who jumped on the pole today after working a Saturday night shift at the club, according to her IG Story. That’s max effort in the adult dancing world. Not many dancers would get up and make it to a Dolphins tailgate for a 1 p.m. kickoff.

The next home game is October 13 against the Redskins, which figures to be a huge day for the Scarletts ladies as #HTTR invades the parking lot. The HTTRs will be down with this kind of action.

Scarletts dancers at Dolphins game / via Instagram Story
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