Ravens Fans Get Engaged In Front Of Ray Lewis Statue

Ravens fans get engaged in front of Ray Lewis statue / via Instagram

Ravens fan Teddy waited for the perfect time to get engaged to his girlfriend — he waited until the couple was outside M&T Stadium and in front of the Ray Lewis squirrel dance statue to pull out the ring. Wearing his Anquan Boldin No. 81 gamer, Teddy got down on his right knee before the Ravens faced the Browns in a critical AFC North showdown to ask the most important question a woman will ever hear in her lifetime. Of course Kate said yes.

I’m telling you, when I saw this Instagram video while doing my normal IG searches, I nearly teared up. Think of how perfect this all is from Teddy. Of course they’re diehard Ravens fans. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than asking a woman to marry you than in front of the Ray Lewis statue. When Teddy says, “Til death do us part,” he’s going to mean it.

I know there will be women out there who will crush Teddy for proposing before a football game. I know there will be Browns fans who bag on Teddy for proposing before the Ravens got crushed. If the guy thought it was the perfect time — he knows the relationship better than you fools do — then it was the perfect time and all we should hope for is that the couple has a great life together and they’re productive for a society that desperately needs productive people.

Go over to IG and give these two your congratulations.


Ravens fans engaged at Browns game / via Instagram



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