Tate Martell & Girlfriend Kiki Passo Enjoy Hurricanes Bye Week

Tate Martell and girlfriend Kiki Passo enjoyed a nice day of boating on bye weekend for the Miami Hurricanes, a far cry from the days at Ohio State when Tate would’ve been either at Nebraska on the sidelines or back in Columbus enjoying a nice early fall day at the Shoe. All it took was for Martell to transfer to Miami and now the guy is on a boat with a Dan Bilzerian model just living that South Florida lifestyle.

I’m telling you right now, I have no idea how Miami ever got bad at college football. You’re telling me that weather doesn’t recruit 5-stars? What Tate Martell’s doing with Kiki Passo should be on all the recruiting flyers the school sends out. You know those postcards schools send out to football recruits? Yeah, it should just have Tate and Kiki on a boat in late September pretty much on a tropical vacation on a bye week.

Anyway, Kiki appears to be loving this whole transfer portal thing that Tate entered. “Crazy in love with you @thetatemartell,” she wrote on Instagram, a big step for the IG relationships out there.

Now a very average Virginia Tech team comes down next Saturday to face a refreshed Hurricanes team in a big battle of 2-2 squads, one of which will be facing pretty harsh weather conditions the rest of the year — at least hoodie & jeans weather — while the other knows it’s an endless summer coming up with the humidity dropping. Advantage: Tate.

If you’re going to fall off the face of college football, at least fall upward in the IG model department:


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