Hawaii Pulls Off Fake Kneel Down Play On Nevada

Hawaii fake kneel down against Nevada / via Twitter

Hawaii took a page out of Tulane’s playbook last night/early this morning against Nevada by using Tulane’s ‘Knee’ play to perfection just before half as the Rainbows poured it on already up 28-3. It’s a fake kneel play that Tulane used a week ago on Houston which would make you think that every coach in America would have his team ready, but then Hawaii ran it with :24 on the clock at its own 29.

Listen to Ryan Leaf thinking the half was about to be over. Wrong.

Hawaii would add a field goal out of it, lead 31-3 at half and win 54-3. The big difference here is that Hawaii ran it already up 25. Tulane used it tied 31-31 against Houston with 18-seconds left. making it look like they were going to settle for overtime. Wrong.

It worked for Tulane, got them to the Waves 47 and on the next play they won on a 53-yard touchdown pass.

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