Dolphins Tailgate Stripper Pole Worked Over Like Dolphins

Dolphins tailgate stripper pole video / via Instagram

The big highlight for Dolphins fans on Sunday had to be the Scarletts girls working over a stripper pole during the pregame tailgate outside Hard Rock Stadium because the football inside wasn’t exactly great for the NFL’s worst team. I’m sure you already heard that the Dolphins have been outscored 102-10 to start the season.

But Miami will always have a plethora of strippers who love great weather and a tailgate party. You throw a stripper pole into the back of a truck and at least the party is going to be fun. Scarletts pretty much could turn this into a promo: ‘Fucc the game, come to our tailgate.’ Or something like that. It was a long weekend, I don’t have a witty promo that would work on a shirt.

Your next chance to see the pole get destroyed is September 29 against the Chargers. Start making plans now.

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