Draymond Green Caught Bluffing At The Poker Table

Draymond Green caught bluffing / via Twitter

How do I know Draymond Green is horrible at bluffing at the poker table? He got called on an all-in by poker pro Maria Ho in a cash game broadcast on Poker Go. Draymond pushed $4,500 into the pot with nothing and Ho just had a hunch her duck would fly after Draymond automatically checked the turn, then immediately pushed all-in with the ace on the river.

She immediately smelled a bluff and cleaned him out. Don’t worry about Draymond’s wallet, he made $17,469,565 last season and will make $18,539,130 this year.  That’s a guy who gets impatient with his money at the poker table and Ho was all over it.

Listen to what she asks Draymond.

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