Black Woman Claims White Woman Tried To Abduct Her Baby At Toledo Zoo, Toledo Police Say She’s Lying

Abduction claim at Toledo Zoo is a lie according to Toledo police / via Facebook

A black mom who claimed a white woman tried to abduct her baby at the Toledo Zoo is lying and made up a “completely false and fabricated” report, according to the Toledo Police Department. The police are going as far as saying the woman is lucky she only made the claims on Facebook and didn’t call the cops or criminal charges would’ve been filed against the woman for making the false report. Of course police checked security footage and there was nothing.

Add in the racial element and of course you had a horrible situation for the zoo. I’m sure you can imagine what was being said on the original post, which I cannot find at this point.

From the Toledo Police Department:

False Report: Viral social media post(s) regarding a recent alleged attempted abduction of a child at The Toledo Zoo are completely false and fabricated. Toledo Police regularly work with Toledo Zoo Security to ensure the safety of all who visit. Please be conscious of what you share on social media.

If the poster would have filed a police report or called 9-1-1 there would have likely been criminal charges filed for making false alarms or a similar offense. However, there was no 9-1-1 call or report made. The allegation was all on Facebook. Detectives reached out with no response. Security checked hours of surveillance footage which refuted the allegations.

Let me know if you have a link to the comment section on the original post. It would be interesting to see what people were saying about the zoo and police.

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