Kayla Harper Goes After Nats Fans For Heckling Her Son

Nationals fans heckled Bryce Harper’s son / via ESPN

Bryce Harper’s wife, Kayla Harper, is mad at Washington Nationals fans for heckling Bryce and bringing their 4-week-old son into the heckling, according to an Instagram post that has apparently been deleted. She wrote:

“When you bring his son or family into it, yes, you’re crossing a line. Stick to your overused overrated and Harper sucks chants if you’re really that loser that goes to a game to heckle someone. Phillies fans might boo him but they don’t bring his 4 week old son into it. Classless.”

The Phillies lost 5-2 in D.C. Wednesday night and play today at 4:05 for the final time this season, a season that started off with the Phillies in D.C. where Harper was harassed for signing a 13-year, $330 million contract. Keep in mind that the Nationals will have a better record without Bryce than with him. The Nats are currently 7 games better (82 wins to 89) without Bryce and a massive contract.

There are plenty of things to heckle the guy about. Here’s a helper:



Krew Harper was born August 22:


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