Florida Man & Florida Woman Arrested For Having Public Sex In Key West

Florida couple having public sex arrested / via MONROE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

When you think of Florida Man and Florida Woman having sex in public most of us think this would be something going down at like 2 a.m. after leaving a bar and they’re all sloppy and start banging behind a bush. Stephen Dean and Teresa Behan went against the grain, according to cops, and were banging at 5:10 p.m. on a Monday.

A homeowner thought a couple was arguing, but it turned out these two were banging up against a barrier wall, according to the arrest report. Sometimes you just have to get a bang in. Remember last week when the Jacksonville couple was banging in a cop car? Of course you do.

Stephen & Teresa just needed to get it in.

From the Miami Herald:

A Key West woman caught a man and a woman having sex in her yard on Monday evening and called the police, according to reports.

Stephen James Dean, 36, and Teresa Ann Behan, 49, who were both listed as homeless in Key West, were jailed on charges of indecent exposure and trespassing, both misdemeanors.

Behan was also arrested on felony charges of battery on an officer and resisting arrest with violence after police said she kicked an officer in the groin and also punched him.

Have to say here that Teresa isn’t looking too bad for 49 in Florida. Something tells me she hasn’t been in the state long because 49 on a Florida Woman usually looks like a hard 65 or more. Stephen looks like he works on fishing boats here and there when he needs some cash. I smell future trouble for this guy with that neck tat.

Think of all the day drinking locations these two had to choose from on a Monday:

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