Let’s Go Back Into The Michigan Fumbling Archive Real Fast

Harbaugh during 2018 Outback Bowl / via Twitter

The Internet went out this week and dug up old footage from the 2018 Outback Bowl showing a similar situation to what occurred last Saturday in Madison against Wisconsin where defensive tackle Ben Mason, who used to be a fullback, took a handoff and fumbled at the Badgers 5 yard line and pretty much ended the day for Jimmy and his team.

The New Year’s Day footage shows Sean McKeon taking a handoff and fumbling at the Michigan 21 with a 19-9 lead. Michigan eventually lost 26-19 and we were left with footage from that game that showed total confusion on Harbaugh’s part as the play begins.

You can hear Jim trying to figure out who is going to carry the ball and the video ends with him saying he should’ve taken a timeout. From the Detroit Free Press story after the game, Harbaugh admits they had the wrong personnel on the field:

Rather than calling a timeout, Michigan ran the play anyway, resulting in a fumbled handoff to tight end Sean McKeon. One play later, South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley hit Bryan Edwards for a 21-yard score to make it a three-point game.

“That was a coaching error,” Harbaugh said of the McKeon fumble. “We had the wrong personnel in there, and I should have called timeout.” 

Ben Mason entered Saturday’s game against Wisconsin with 36 career college carries but had switched to the defensive line before this season and didn’t have a carry against Middle Tennessee State or Army. He did, however, have seven touchdown carries in 2018. That said, tight end Nick Eubanks said the fumble “killed us.”

As for how Harbaugh looks at this situation…I’ll show Wisconsin how big boy football is played…I’ll put Mason in and show them:

By the way, Michigan can’t run the ball…they have defensive tackles playing running back and quarterbacks gaining more yards than the running backs…equals….total mess:

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