Florida Woman Attacks Family After Being Denied Tomatoes At Dinner – Allegedly

Katie Jade Gates mugshot for assault over tomatoes / via Nassau County Sheriff’s Office

Katie Jade Gates, a Florida Woman, was arrested for assaulting her grandmother after being denied extra tomatoes at dinner, according to a police report out of Nassau County. Grandma says Katie got greedy and wanted to eat more than her fair share of the tomatoes at dinner and that’s when things took a turn — allegedly.

From the Smoking Gun:

When confronted about her behavior by her grandfather, Gates allegedly grabbed a knife and began threatening him with it. “Motherf**ker, I’ll stab you in your f**king face,” she said, according to a Nassau County Sheriff’s Office report. Gates, witnesses told cops, chased her grandfather with the knife and poked the weapon at his face.

During police questioning, Gates reportedly admitted hitting her relative in the face with the cigarette pack. She also acknowledged picking up a knife and approaching her grandfather, but denied “attempting to strike him with the knife in her hand during the argument.”

Now Katie is up for two felonies, has pretty much burnt her bridges with grandma and grandpa and now she’s known on the Internet for attacking over tomatoes. Good luck finding a guy who’s willing to risk his life over you wanting more tomatoes, Katie. It’s going to take a long time to live this one down. Restaurants are going to cringe when you walk in. I’m thinking about Chick fil A and how they put four tomatoes in each salad. Worried for them.

Katie Jade Gates inmate Florida
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