Philly Man Saves Babies From Fire, Tells Nelson Agholor Joke

Philly man tells Nelson Agholor joke about saving babies / via Twitter

A Philly Man dropped a joke about Nelson Agholor dropping passes while he was telling the media about how he saved babies from a burning building. In case you didn’t watch the Eagles lose at home to the Lions, 27-24, Nelson Agholor had a drop and fumble issue that had the Philly media — and the locals — seething, especially Hakim Law, the guy telling the joke.

Resident Hakim Law says he was walking along the 1200 block of North 52nd Street when he saw flames shooting out of the building’s second-floor around 2 a.m. Law, a former firefighter, says he joined first responders and helped get residents out one by one.


The wide receiver was just one of many Eagles, particularly on the offensive side, who made ill-timed mistakes. But Agholor’s turnover after last week’s blunder drew the attention of Peters, who has historically been blunt with teammates when conveying a message.

“He told me, ‘Hey, we’re going to need you to win this game. Move on,’” Agholor said.

Ask an Eagles fan, they’re getting tired of the drops…it didn’t just start this Sunday:

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