NSFWBDs React To Daniel Jones Debut

The Daniel Jones era is officially here and I couldn’t wait to head over to see what the NSFWBDs thought about that performance after the boring white guy with one of the whitest names in the history of white males just went out there today in his first NFL start and put up a 336 yard, 2 touchdown performance and the Giants got a win after the Buccaneers rookie kicker missed a 34-yarder to give Daniel a 32-31 win.

The BDs are officially on the Daniel Jones bandwagon after this performance where he showed that he can sling it down the field, something that Eli just couldn’t do these days. The BDs also want you to know that they were fully behind him before today and they told you he was going to be good.

Going to be a whole bunch of people who act like they knew Daniel was going to be a slinger, even Baker Mayfield.

From the NY Post:

The thing about watching Jones at his best during his debut was to see how much everyone else on the team seemed to rise to the occasion, too. You can call this coincidence, if you like, or you can look over the last hundred years of the NFL. When teams believe in their leader, they want to perform for him.

At Eli Manning’s very best, that was his greatest gift. Linemen kept their blocks for an extra beat. Receivers made catches that had to be seen to be believed (or do you not remember David Tyree … or Mario Manningham?). A good team feeds off a good quarterback, and vice versa.

Get on the train.


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