Dan Bilzerian Ignite Stock Now For Sale Under BILZF













Dan Bilzerian‘s Ignite brand stock is now for sale in the United States on the OTC under the BILZF ticker for those of you who’ve been wanting to jump on board with the Weed King by throwing down some dollars on the Ignite brand. Ignite is in the CBD oil game and sells a variety of vape pen items. Dan made the big announcement today via Instagram Story; the stock finished up 33% today at $1.45.

I’m definitely no stock expert, but you have to think there were thousands of bros who rushed in on this stock to say they own a piece of the Weed King’s business and I can’t really blame them. Think about this as a Christmas gift for your buddies. You know it’s ridiculous having to buy gifts for friends, but your wife or girlfriend insists on getting Brad & Kellie something. Tell her to get Brad & Kellie 69 shares and have one framed for his wall at work. Nothing says Happy Holidays like Dan on the wall with the ladies, maybe even a pic of Dan, the Ignite Girls and a goat.

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From the Ignite ‘our story’ page:

With so much marketplace variance in quality and dosage, Ignite strives to be the CBD brand you trust and come back to. By selectively partnering with only the finest sources available, we deliver premium, industry-leading products. As effective as they are natural, consistent and reliably clean. At the heart of it all, if it’s not the absolute best, it’s not Ignite.

*I’m not offering stock advice here. I’m sure there’s some specific disclaimer I should put on this post, but I’m completely clueless on that stuff. All I’m trying to do here is bring some Dan Bilzerian news. Don’t buy the stock, watch it go up in smoke & then try to haul me into federal court. I’m not responsible for your stock plays. 

Dan Bilzerian BILZ stock can be purchased OTC / via Instagram Story Buy Dan Bilzerian stock / via Instagram
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