Antonio Brown Killed OJ’s Fantasy Team

Oj Simpson Antonio Brown killed his fantasy team / via Twitter

OJ Simpson seems absolutely devastated over the news that Antonio Brown has been released by the Patriots and seems to have really killed OJ’s fantasy team, which also lost Andrew Luck back in August. Now OJ’s really kicking himself for not sending Antonio a text saying to keep his mouth shut and just play football. OJ says if Antonio’s attorney didn’t tell him to shut up, he should sue that lawyer. (Antonio’s attorney, Darren Heitner, happens to be a friend of mine…I’m praying Juice doesn’t come after him.)

Now…let’s get to what I said all along about this whole case — OJ should’ve been consulting with Antonio going back to when the rape lawsuit came down. I said it multiple times. Oh well, OJ learned his lesson. Now that he’s a free man he needs to help these young guys out on how to get out of trouble.

I said OJ should’ve been brought in way back on September 6.

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