Le’Veon Bell’s Baby Mama Still Dropping Hints About Spending Time With Antonio Brown










If you thought Le’Veon Bell’s baby mama, Cherise — the one who keeps dropping hints that she spent time last week with Antonio Brown in Foxborough, was going to just stay quiet until later in the week when things crank up for Jets-Patriots, you’d be wrong. Cherise fired up Instagram tonight and decided to take some questions like people used to do for a week back in the day like 14 months ago.

Of course the drama mamas wanted to know about the whole Le’Veon situation and if she’s really doing her baby daddy wrong by hooking up with Antonio Brown during all this drama surrounding the Patriots wide receiver.

“If I’m honest about this situation nobody is gonna like what they hear about LeVeon as a person and a father…It’s probably best if I hold off for now,” Cherise wrote when asked, ‘Why u be doin Le’veon like that?’ 

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Could this all just be a giant ploy from a baby mama to get the attention of the baby daddy even though he’s all the way across the country busy being the Jets only offensive threat? It sure could. And if Cherise ends up at Gillette Stadium this week sitting in the wives and girlfriends section there are going to be social media fireworks. They’re gonna be BOOMIN’.

Something tells me Cherise won’t be there, but I also think you definitely haven’t heard the last of Cherise this week. She’s not going to play all her cards on Tuesday. Gotta strike while the iron is hot and Thursday would be the perfect timing. I’m on high alert. Internet God, if you can hear me, please have Cherise on a private jet east with little Le’Veon wearing an AB Patriots jersey. I will die right here in my desk chair a happy man.

Cherise Le’Veon Bell baby mama drama / via IG Story
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