Le’Veon Bell’s Baby Mama Cherise Now With Antonio Brown?










Le’Veon Bell’s baby mama, Cherise, spent the weekend indicating she’s in Foxborough, Massachusetts and possibly spending time with Antonio Brown, if you believe all the indicators she’s been dropping on Instagram where there are about as many hints as you’re ever going to get without straight up saying she’s been hanging out with AB.

I’m talking hints like: “Aye, B Boston been BOOMIN 😻😼.”

I’m talking hints like: “AB prob gonna go off if you’re playing fantasy tho.” That was isn’t as definitive until you see her phone pop socket is a Patriots pop socket.

Look, it could all just be a ploy by Cherise to get into the head of Le’Veon because of whatever reasons she has in her head. Or she just might be Antonio Brown’s new girlfriend. I can’t put all the pieces together, but this is absolutely fascinating off-the-field action. How does AB manage it all is the question I’ll forever have. I know he has a staff, but imagine trying to keep the women straight. I’d go nuts. That might be his greatest achievement. Throw all the football out the window, managing the women takes extremely hard work.

Cherise Antonio Brown LeVeon Bell Baby Mama / via Instagram Story Cherise/via Instagram

Here’s where she gives a shoutout to Antonio Brown:

Cherise Foxborough via Instagram


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