The Best Content From Week 2 Of The NFL

Steelers fan Lil Dong / via Instagram

It’s been a strange start to the season for the content creators around the NFL. The Raiders are normally a fanbase that provides us with so much content that it gets silly. I’m not sure if it’s general apathy from Raiders fans or what’s going on, but we’re two home games in and the fans haven’t given us that one signature piece of content like over the last decade-plus. It might also have to do with playing the Broncos and Chiefs to start the year. Raiders fans rarely tangle with those fanbases.

We also have a situation where cities are dealing with absolutely horrible teams. Did you see the crowd at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati? Hard to get content when the fans aren’t bothering coming to games. Giants games are worthless. Green Bay fans just eat and casually drink for 20 hours, but it’s never to a point where the content cranks up.

Whatever the case, this is what’s out there this week from NFL fans. Anything I’m missing? Send it in and I’ll add to the page. Slide into the DMs or go old school with the email.

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Dolphins Tailgate Stripper Pole Worked Over Like Dolphins
Dolphins Tailgate Stripper Pole Worked Over Like Dolphins
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