Krystal ‘Milk Shake’ Lucy, 41, Caught With Meth, Cops Allege

Krystal Lucy mugshot Milk Shake tattoo / via Independence County Sheriff’s Office

Let’s go to Independence County, Arkansas and the story of cops pulling over Krystal Lucy, 41, and finding a little meth. One thing led to another and Krystal was leading cops to her apartment to get more of her drug stash.

Now the real story here is that ‘Milk Shake’ tattoo that Krystal is sporting. I need to know the backstory to that one. I need to know if this is some sort of tribute to Kelis. It’s Arkansas we’re talking about and there’s been some all-time content to come out of there. Remember all the Peyton Hillis material back in the day, like when he got married on his off-day during the NFL season.

Via Fox16:

Deputies arrested Krystal Lucy, 41, on Sept. 11 after finding methamphetamine and a glass smoking pipe in her purse, according to an arrest report.

During the traffic stop, Lucy told deputies she had more drugs at her apartment, according to the report.

Deputies took Lucy to her Batesville apartment where the report states they found more “baggies” with a small amounts of methamphetamine inside a “Snickers” can along with another glass pipe.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,

And they’re like It’s better than yours,

Damn right it’s better than yours,

I can teach you,

But I have to charge La la-la la la,

Warm it up. Lala-lalala,

The boys are waiting

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