Loud Sex Mistaken For Fight, Shots Fired At Maryland Days Inn

Allison Daughtrey mugshot Maryland loud sex arrested

Allison Daughtrey mugshot Maryland loud sex arrested / via Towson Police Department

Someone at a Days Inn in Towson, Maryland called the front desk to say there was a fight going on in one of the rooms. A security guard called police, they show up, two women who were in the room said they weren’t fighting just having sex and at some point, police allege, 34-year-old Allison Daughtrey got into it with the security guard and a gun went off.

Now she’s in big trouble over the gun going off and all of this could’ve been prevented if they would’ve just had quieter sex in that Days Inn room.

From WMAR:

It all started when two clerks working at the front desk of the hotel got a call from one of the rooms.

During the call, the workers reportedly heard two people fighting in the background, prompting the on-duty security guard to call police. Arriving officers spoke with two women who were supposedly in the room when the commotion was heard. Each told police they were not fighting but were having sex.

One of the women thought she left a cell phone in the room, at which point an officer escorted her back to look for it. When they returned, the other woman, 34-year-old Allison Daughtrey had gone into the lobby and began to argue with hotel staff.

According to the guard, Daughtrey pulled out a handgun and pointed it at him.

The guard then tried to take the gun away and wrestle Daughtrey to the ground, causing the gun to fire and strike a door frame in the lobby.

You have to assume here the one who got all loud was Daughtrey. Natural reaction is to be like, ‘hey security guard, mind yo fuccin business’ because you know you were the one doing the screaming.

Now, according to reports, Allison is being held on no bail. “If I intended to ever use the gun, I would never have missed the target,” she allegedly told cops in the arresting documents.

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