Russian Goalie Awarded AK-47 For Being Player Of The Game

Russian goalie gets AK-47 for Player of the Game/ via YouTube

Russian goalie Saveli Kononov won himself an AK-47 for his performance during a recent game in the VHL, which sounds like a minor league for the KHL, and he will now get his 15 minutes in the United States as people try to figure out if they’re for or against such a reward for sports achievement.

I’m not even going to try to figure out who Saveli, 23, beat or what the final score was because that would require a deep dive into Russian hockey sites that are crazy hard to understand. You guys get the point of the post — Russia is very different with its player of the game awards.

Here’s a Google translation of what’s going on over there. From

The prize was first awarded after the victory of Izhstal over Chelmet with a score of 3: 2. The goalkeeper of the team Savely Kononov was recognized as the best, reflecting 36 shots.

Hockey players perceived the appearance of weapons in the locker room with humor. “They brought the coach,” “Can I shoot?”, “If we play poorly, they will shoot us,” the players said.

Over the last year or so I started to hear some Russian hockey stories out of the KHL where it was told to me that it wasn’t out of the ordinary for goalies to tape cash inside their pads rather than leave it in the locker room. I think it was game checks paid in cash before they would take the ice. Just pure craziness with mafia influence pretty rampant in the sport.

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