Cleveland Browns Ban Fan Who Says He Hasn’t Been To Game Since 2010

Browns fan try to ban fan for throwing beer / via Twitter

Cleveland Browns fan Eric Smith says Bob Sivik, a ticket executive from the Browns, called him to say he’d been banned from the stadium for pouring beer on Logan Ryan during Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans. Eric claims he wasn’t there and hasn’t been to a game since 2010. Sivik, according to Smith, didn’t care about his claim. Now we have new drama in Cleveland.

If Eric Smith wasn’t at the game and was DJing, as he claims, that afternoon, then who is the real perpetrator of the beer dousing?

From Cleveland Scene:

None of that seemed to sway Sivik, who told Smith that he had been caught on multiple cameras around the stadium, that the team had matched his tattoos, and that he had bought a ticket. Smith was informed he was banned from the stadium.

Nevermind that Eric Smith is an incredibly common name, or that Eric looks like a million other bearded red-headed men in Cleveland, or that he didn’t buy a ticket, or that¬†HE WASN’T AT THE GAME.¬†

Eric also says he doesn’t own those seats:

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