JJ Watt Makes Thomas Morstead’s Kid Cry, Gives Kid His Gloves

JJ Watt gives Thomas Morstead’s kid his gloves / via Twitter

JJ Watt has done it again. The NFL’s Really Good Guy was playing catch with kids before Monday Night Football and knocked a lollipop out of a kid’s mouth with a loose throw which led to the kid crying. Well, JJ made it all better by giving the kid his gloves. Turns out those weren’t just any kids.

Those were Saints punter Thomas Morstead’s kids playing catch with Watt and this morning Morstead said thanks for making his kids day. “Thanks for making an awesome memory for my boys,” Morstead wrote about the interaction between the future hall of famer and the boys.

Morstead’s son, Beckett, got the gloves and it appears he picked up the sucker and kept on moving with life. As for the game, Watt and the Texans went home with a heartbreaking loss via a crazy comeback from Drew Brees. Will Lutz hammered a 58-yard field goal at the buzzer and NOLA went nuts.

JJ Watt gets it:



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