Meet Golfer Steph Langnas

Meet Wilson Golf influencer Steph Langnas, who has parlayed a golf-inspired Instagram page into a pretty solid following and even an appearance on Holey Moley, the Steph Curry golf show on ABC where it was like adventure golf on ARod-level HGH. I know what you guys are thinking…she doesn’t really golf.

I’ve watched several of her IG Stories and Steph definitely golfs. And, I can confirm, she even changes grips on her clubs. I watched it with my own two eyes. I know a majority of you guys just think these IG golf influencers are just acting about this whole golf thing, but not Steph. Wilson Golf even made her an influencer and got right into her bio. They did their homework to make sure she’d be using their clubs enough to make it worth their while.

You guys get beat over the head with the IG golf models, but I think it’s safe to go ahead and follow Steph. One of these days she’s going to be playing in an outing with Chris Berman and that follow will pay off for those of us who are looking for the obscure and weird golf content. Maybe Berman just soaking through a shirt with his disgusting old guy sweat and Steph has to suffer through 18 with Boom.

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