Brazilian Priscila Sales Catches Dolphins Game

It was a very strategic move from Brazilian volleyball player Priscila Sales to attend Sunday’s Ravens-Dolphins game from an Instagram standpoint. The football, as everyone knows, was horrible as the Ravens got out to a 42-10 halftime lead and even threw RG3 out there to throw a touchdown by the end of the game.

But not all was negative for Priscila because now she has a piece of NFL content on her Instagram and that now leads to a post here and that will probably lead to a post somewhere else and then a cascade of new followers. Great business decision for her.

In her bio, Priscila says she’s a Brazilian who, you’ll never guess it, plays volleyball and won a pageant title called Miss California Brasil USA 2018. Never knew such a pageant existed. As for her volleyball career, she 100% played at Newberry College in South Carolina.

Breakout star alert…someone get Priscila to all the Dolphins home games:

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