NSFWBDs Analyze Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian was the Cat 5 that was supposed to fucc up south Florida, but the club scene was so LIT AF that the winds shifted off South Beach and forced the hurricane to stall over the Bahamas and wreck those islands for a few days. It has left the NSFWBDs pretty much speechless over how much energy was used up to get people out of the path only to have this be a dud for Florida.

I don’t mean totally speechless because there’s a nice pile of BD analysis up top on this post. And keep in mind the storm hasn’t made it to DUUVVVAAAALLLLL and we all know that’s going to change the game in a day or so. Dorian might be so slow that I have the chance to pump out a 2.0 NSFWBDs for this storm.

One request I have for the BDs is to analyze Jim Cantore and Paul Goodloe. I’d love to know what they think of Paul because he’s one of those middle of the road guys I’d love to know how the BDs take him and his coverage. I’ll keep an eye on that throughout the week.


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NSFWBDs React To Andrew Luck Retiring
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