NSFWBDs React To Andrew Luck Retiring

By now you’ve been beaten over the head by white guy blue checkmarks pumping out as many Andrew Luck retirement takes as it takes to infuriate Twitter or get Twitter to agree with them in order to get enough mentions to raise their clout or whatever it’s called these days. It’s beyond nauseating and that’s coming from a guy — me — who wasn’t on social Saturday night because I like actual human interaction and all day Saturday because I went to Dayton for Dave Chappelle’s Gem City Shine show.

It was perfect, I wasn’t forced to sit and watch nerd white guys battle it out. I knew that come Monday morning I’d be able to relax, check in with the NSFWBDs and get a true reaction to Luck — 29, until September 12 — hanging up his field turf cleats and riding off into the sunset of European travel, Spanish soccer matches and I assume growing out a David Letterman beard.

The BDs see the big picture here — he secured a bag and now he’s going to go off and create some generational wealth how he wants to create it, not how some rando thinks Luck should do it. White guys, I keep telling you, listen to the BDs in these circumstances. They have a clear head and don’t go down the rabbit holes like you do. They think in terms of the street. You secure that bag and then 30 hits and you start thinking about Henn Dogg and sunsets, not hustling. The metabolism slows down and you don’t heal up like back in the day when you’re on the go 24/7 for weeks on end.

It was time and now Luck will disappear into society.

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