Bethune-Cookman Cookman Band Marches Into Game With Popeyes Boxes Because…

Bethune-Cookman band marches in with Popeyes/via Twitter

You’ll never guess why the Bethune-Cookman band marched into Turner Field Saturday carry Popeyes box lunches. Of course Popeyes was late getting the boxed lunches to the band to eat before the game. If there’s anything we learned from the Great Chicken War of 2019, it’s that Popeyes isn’t going to get your meal to you on time and they sure as hell don’t have any chicken sandwiches left even if you pull a gun on them and demand a sandwich.

I will say though, this just might be a smart move by bands across the country. Walk into a game with Popeyes and just throw it in your opponents faces. Not literally, but figuratively. Just sitting there in the stands eating a beautiful piece of that legendary chicken. Tagging your opponents on social as you eat that meat. The Chicken War doesn’t have to be over just because the chicken sandwich is gone.

As for the game, Bethune-Cookman took care of Jackson State 36-15.

Total power move right here even if it wasn’t planned:

Jackson State band coming for that 3-piece!

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